Saturday, June 1, 2019

After Success

I think some of us hit a wall in life out of nowhere.
We have faith, we have love, we have everything we could want. And we serve and work and play. We are blessed beyond belief, and then we wonder, well, what now?
Many Soldiers like me win their battles and flourish. They have accomplishments and esteem and purpose. They are, in fewer words, successful. They made it.
The thing about the world is, many people tell you what to do before success. Few tell you what to do after. The peak gets lonely.
I think what I've realized is success isn't something you just reach. It's not a destination. It's a tool.
See, one of the reasons this blog exists is to be a guide. To say to other people like me, "Hey, yes, I've been there. Let me guide you."
When you reach the peak of success, remember others want to be there too. Use your influence, your contacts, your talent, to help other people succeed.
It took me a long time to realize that life isn't like school or work. Industry is competitive, sure, but even with people of the same occupation, success will often look completely different person to person.
Looking out for others' success doesn't jeopardize you. It strengthens you, because everyone's success is different.
Go forth, sherpa. Do your work. Help people up. We all need success, especially Soldiers, who oft feel they're fighting for any scrap of it.
Success is good for everyone. Period.

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