Sunday, July 7, 2019

Life Isn’t West Point

Life Isn't West Point

The following was a draft from, hilariously, June 8th (WOAH.)

I accidentally left this beauty collecting digital dust for a month. Can't win em' all! But please, enjoy it while I get Tips from TIP ready. I think this one's a good one.

You know, at some points in life I've noticed adults can be irrevocably boring.
Take the airport, for example. I see adults standing around the baggage claim, tight lipped and straight backed, when just a couple minutes earlier I spied a five or six year old boy hopping on one foot down the moving walkway.
Y'all, what happened in our lives that makes us think we're walking through West Point every hour of every day?
I'm not advocating for total anarchy, and I'm certainly not advocating for the selfishness that children sometimes have. I'm really just advocating to keep the free spirit, while still maturing into selfless and smart adults.
Of course, some of the things kids do get them hurt. And there's a time and a place for the free spirit. But that's the point. There SHOULD be a time and a place for the free spirit in all of us. Especially Soldiers, because a lot of us grow up thinking the only way to win at life is to take it as seriously as we possibly can.
I've talked about breaks, and pick me ups. This falls in the same vein. You need a break, you need recreation, and you need opportunities for play and freedom in adulthood.
Go outside and play tag. Draw with crayons. Hop on one foot done a moving walkway. There's infinite ways to play.
Just remember that life isn't West Point.

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