Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Tips from TIP: Encourage

We all know that one person that's super positive regardless of circumstance, right? Well, I met a person like that at camp. Let's talk about it. Or, I'll write about it. You read.
This is an important one. Maybe my most important to date.

My TA at camp was nothing if not an encourager. "No self deprecation!" she would relentlessly beat into our anxious, scrambling little heads.  She was a true advocate of everyone, like a glittery megaphone was on her at all times. Not only in word, but in deed. She bought us all trinkets to fidget with out of her own pocket, complimented us, escorted us, conversed with us, laughed and sometimes cried with us. All of this she did with the protectiveness of a mother bear and a heart of Fort Knox gold. She ran out of energy sometimes, but she always had the courage to lean on people. She did so much for the class we were more than happy to help her.

Encouragement is more than just idle words on the street. It's encouraging dreams, encouraging fun, encouraging openness. All of us should be an encourager of love.

As my TA said of nearly everyone's good works, "Share this with the world." Fill in "this" with whatever your thing is. Anything you love personally can be used to encourage.
Encourage is to put someone in the mind of courage. That takes guts. Tact. Heart. Love.
When someone is In-Courage, they can do almost anything.
You can empower with your thing anyone, and persuade them to do almost any good in the world.
Yes, even you, soldier.
Share with the world. We need it.

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